Our worship is expressive.  Our praise is often bold and strong, yet sensitive and reverent.  Our worship is always led in ways that foster unity - emphasizing that we are one body, team and family.  Our expressions may involve emotions including laughter, applause, or even tears.  We desire to experience worship that is genuine and freeing - not sensational or rigid.
When we gather for worship, we always welcome the Holy Spirit to function in ways that edify and encourage everyone.  The Bible teaches that there is a freedom in public exhortation, but it must always be given in a spirit of love, self-control and humility.
We believe in providing opportunities for every part of the Church to gather for worship, to grow in worship and to link practical, biblical and truth to worship.  Mindful that "the whole body (of Christ), joined and knit together...causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love" (Eph 4:16).  It is clear in Scripture that we commit to one another on the basis of our choice to love, not our position of truth.
The pursuit of Valley Christian Center is believing in the possibility that we, the Church, can meet, agree and function in powerful fellowship when we choose to convene at Jesus' feet in worship - the only place where we all agree to submit to His Lordship; where we all are fixated on His worthiness rather than our own; where we all might be rinsed of any residue of self-righteousness; and where we all embrace Him as the Truth, more than our personal beliefs.