Our Missionaries

Diane Peters

Many new churches were planted during the Paraguay Task Force in the 1980s and today the Assemblies of God in Paraguay  has expanded to over 200 churches and preaching points.  The ICI programs are used throughout the nation in Christian schools, Bible schools, churches, prisons, as well as home groups.

Traveling throughout Paraguay Diane was concerned about the other half of the Paraguayan population who would never benefit by studying the printed word.  She was confronted with the reality that many Paraguayans would never know God's love unless there was a way to tell them in their heart language of Guarani. Spanish and Guarani are the official languages of Paraguay but it is estimated that almost 60% of the population speak only Guarani.

Few people can read or write in Guarani, therefore, audio programs are strategic to evangelism.  The Great Questions of Life was the first audio program produced.  After that, she realized she had to continue.  Since 1992 programs have been added every year.  Diane and her team have translated and produced dramatized versions of the Bible in Guarani, discipleship courses and children's programs. Hundreds of people are responding to the Gospel for the first time because they heard it in their own language!

Two new churches have been planted as a result of young men preaching the Gospel in Guarani, walking for hours under the hot Paraguayan sun to reach villages and homes.  God confirms His Word with signs and wonders as miracles of healing and salvation impact the interior of Paraguay !  Thank you for praying and believing with them for a great harvest!  

The Lord is not willing that any should perish.